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James Layne; Wilson Lake 4/24Brad Wilson; Wilson Lake 4/24Gordon Pettie; Tracy Simmons 1st Place and Big Fish/ Wilson Lake 4/24
Mike Bevels; Wilson Lake  4/24Gary Monks; Rex Oneal  2nd Place/Wilson Lake
4/24Mike Bevels Normandy Lake 5/15Cliff Logue 1st with 5.40 lbs LM
Normandy Lake 5/15Eddie Medley 1st with 5.45 lbs BIG FISH
Normandy Lake 5/15Eddie Medley; Rex Oneal  3rd Place BIG FISH 5.40 lbs ; Guntersville
Cliff Logue 1st Place 13.80 lbs; GuntersvilleGordon Pettie; Mike Bevels 2nd Place 12.20 lbs; GuntersvilleKeith Roberts/Kewin Rogers 3rd Tims Ford 12/11/05 Cliff Logue 2nd Place Tims Ford 12/11/05