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ARTICLE 1     Name and Purpose
I. Name
  This organization shall be called the Stone Bridge Bassmasters, Club# 7247.
II. Purpose
   The purpose of our club is to provide a means by which Club members can improve their angling skills and knowledge; and to provide a means by which the sport of bass fishing can be enjoyed in a friendly, competitive, and sportsman-like manner; with an emphasis on environmental conservation.
III. Membership
   Section 1  Eligibility
    Membership in the club is open to persons 18 years of age and older. Membership is open to all current and past members of good standing. The total number of members at any time will not exceed 40. Current members and past members will have first privilege of rejoining for the next tournament year. If at any time there are less than 40 members then a member in good standing may introduce a prospective member for consideration. This prospect will be notified by member who introduced prospective member.
   Section 2   Requirements
To become a member of the club, a person shall:
1.  Pay annual membership dues of $50.00. dues are payable at the beginning of the tournament year or before participation in any club tournament.
2.  Abide by all club rules and conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner at all club functions.
3.  Member must fish a minimum of seven(7) regular scheduled tournaments, not including State tournament or Grand Fish-Off to be eligible for State Tournament or Grand Fish-Off. (Or be paid up for seven tournaments your portion for clubs Grand Fish-Off; and be approved by all club members to be allowed to fish Grand Fish-Off).

ARTICLE 2       Officers
I.   President
    Shall preside over all Club meetings and direct all official business. He shall appoint all committees and serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
II.   Vice President
     Shall assist President over all of his duties and act for the President in his absence. The Vice President will serve as the Tournament Director for all club tournaments and will be responsible for all publicity pertaining to tournaments.
III.   Secretary/Treasurer
     Shall maintain complete and accurate minutes of all meetings and be responsible for all publicity and clerical work pertaining to non-tournament activities. He shall maintain the Clubs finances, accounts, and financial statements. He, along with the President, will sign all checks written by the Club.
IV.  Youth Director
     Shall co-ordinate all club related youth activities and serve as a board member.
V.  Ex-President (Ex-Officio)
VI.  Board members at large  (TWO)

ARTICLE 3       Club Management
I.  Elections
    Section 1     Process
 1. Election of officers will occur during the annual Organization Meeting. This will be the regular meeting in April.
 2. This annual meeting will be the annual Organization Meeting at which the election of officers and changes to the Bylaws will be accomplished. Election of officers shall result from a simple majority vote of the members present. Only members in good standing are permitted to vote in Club Elections.
  3. In the event an elected office becomes vacant, nominations may be asked for and a special election held at any regularly scheduled Club Meeting.

 Section 2    Terms of Office
1. All elected officers will serve terms of one year. Newly elected officers will assume the duties of their elected position on May 1st of each year.
2. As an exception, officers who are elected to fill a vacancy through a special election, as described above, will serve only the remaining portion of the term from the date of their election until the next organizational meeting.

Section 3   Grievance Committee
1. There shall be a Grievance Committee consisting of six board members.
2. The Grievance Committee shall resolve all conflicts or  disputes arising from interpretation of these bylaws, by means of a majority vote. Additionally, the Grievance Committee shall accept petitions for specific exceptions to these bylaws on a case by case basis. The ruling of the Grievance Committee is final and without appeal or recourse.

II. Meetings
   Section 1              Regular Meetings
 1.  Regularly scheduled meetings will normally be scheduled for the Thursday preceeding each Club tournament. The regularly scheduled April meeting will also be the annual Organization Meeting.

    Section 2             Special Meetings
1. The Vice President will develop a proposed annual tournament schedule for the presentation to the club membership at Annual Organization Meeting. After appropriate discussion and necessary modification, the schedule will be voted on and approved by simple majority vote of the members present. Subsequent changes to the schedule may be made only for the reasons of safety and/or ramp conflict (e.g. low water or conflict with another tournament) at any regularly scheduled meeting with a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Each tournament will be a  "DRAW" tournament.

    Section 2             Placement Prizes
The following prize payment scheme will be used for ALL Club tournaments.
1. 10 boats and under-- pays 2 places (1st-60%, 2nd-40%)
   11 boats and over---  pays 3 places (1st-50%, 2nd-30%, 3rd-20%)

2.  15 % will be retained by the club on all tournament monies collected. All Placement prizes are awarded to the boat/team based on the combined weight of the fish weighed by the boat/team. An optional Big Fish pot will be made available to all participants at each tournament. Big Fish pot is $5.00.

   Section 3          Tournament Rules
   The following scheme will be utilized to award points to Club Mamebers competing in Club tournaments and who compete without disqualification.
1.  All Fish will be weighed in pounds and fractions of pounds. Boat weight will be the total of both participants. This weight will be used to determine tournament payout.
2. Points for the Angler of the Year standings will be based on a field of 40 regardless of the number of participants. The winner of each tournament will receive 40 points. If you fish a tournament and do not weigh a fish, you will receive at least 5 points. Each place thereafter will receive 1 less point per place.(e.g. 1st-40,  2nd--39,  3rd--38.)
3. Each boat/team member is responsible for his own fish.  Fish will be weighted on an individual basis for the tournament placement determination.  Culling of fish will be on an individual basis.
4. All fish will be considered submitted upon transfer from the weigh-in bag to the weigh-in official.  The tournament official will then perform any necessary measurements for short fish using a golden rule measuring device.           

Section 4                   Size Limit
1. At least twelve inches in length unless State size limit is larger, whereas, Club size limit will be according to State Law.
2. The creel limit will be any combination of five (5)Largemouth, Small Mouth, or spotted bass (a tooth patch will indicated a spotted bass) per fisherman.  If these are not in compliance with regulations for any specific tournament site, the Tournament Director will advise the membership of the specific rules that will apply.
3. Any contestant presenting a short  fish will lose the short fish and be penalized one(1) pound.  Any contestant presenting two(2) short fish will be disqualified.  The smallest fish of each contestant will be measured for short fish determination.  Additional fish will be measured if the smallest fish is found to be short.  Any contestant presenting more than a full limit (5 fish) will be penalized 1 pound and have his limit culled starting with the biggest fish.
4. All contestants MUST be present for weigh-in at announced time.  Anyone deemed late by 2 of  3 Tournament officials will be disqualified.
5. The Tournament Directoror his designee shall designate the weigh-in location, and procedures.
6. Catch and release is mandatory.  All fish must be handled in a way to ensure a good chance of their survival.  Fish presented for weigh-in Must be in a water filled bag.  The use of nets for transportation is expressly PROHIBITED and will result in an automatic DISQUALIFACATION.
7.Ties for first, second, third or big fish will result in a pooling of the available money for the contested prize and a splitting of the prize.
8. Only one rod per angler may be used at one time.  Other rods may be rigged and ready for use.  Only casting, spinning, or spin-cast reels may be used.
9. Only artificial lures/baits, to include pork rind, may be used.  Live baits or prepared baits are not allowed.  Lures must be cast and retrieved, no trolling will be permitted.
10. Good sportsmanship is expected of all contestants.  Complaints must be made with the Tournament Director within 15 minutes of the conclusion of weigh-in. His decision if Final.

Section 5                 Drawing of Partners
1.  All tournaments will be designated as DRAW tournaments.  At the meeting prior to the scheduled tournament a draw will be made to determine pairings for the tournament.  In cases where there were either more boaters than non-boaters and someone was not paired in the drawing then that person may bring a non-member or fish alone.  No members will fish with the same partner back to back.  Boaters drawing out after all non-boaters have been selected have the option to fish alone.
2. The Club and Officers of the Club shall not be held liable for any property damage, injury or death that may occur during a Club tournament or function.
3. Boat team/members WILL split expenses 50-50.
4. Boat winnings will be split 50-50.
5. Teams shall decide prior to blast off whether to split big fish money if won.
6. Normal entry fee for all Club Tournaments will be $25.00 per person.
7. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed by any contestant before or during tournament hours. All members must be in a sober condition at meeting place before motoring to tournament. Violation shall be grounds for immediate disqualification from the tournament.
8. All members must wear life jackets any time the boat is on plane. Kill switches must be in operating condition and attached to driver while boat is on plane. Violation will result is disqualification.
9. If a member has an emergency and has to be absent from weigh in and has fish to be weighed, his partner will be allowed to weigh his fish. The Tournament Committee will make final decisions on any emergencies.
10. The Club will vote on tournament hours.
11. Day Tournaments will normally be held on Sunday, Night tournaments will normally be held on Saturday night. (Subject to club vote).
12. At least two club members must be notified if a participant leaves early. You may leave a note on members' windshield.
13. Lake to be fished will be by majority vote of Club members present at the monthly regular meeting.
14. You MUST be at ramp at weigh-in time; there will be no fishing after end of tournament without reporting to weigh-in first.

I.     Category, Requirements, Prizes
      Section 1      Angler Of the Year
      This award will consist of a cash prize of $100.00 or merchandise. Angler of the Year award will be made to the Club member having the most Club points when summing the weight points earned in the best 10 Club tournaments.

      Section 2      Big Fish Award
       This award will consist of a cash prize of $50.00 or merchandise.

       Section 3      State Qualifier
        Top 6 points anglers.

ARTICLE 5        Special
I.        Fund Raisers
         The Club may hold raffles or other projects to raise money for expenses deemed necessary.

ARTICLE 6       Rule Changes
   1. The process of changing rules will be a two meeting procedure. A motion can be brought up at a regular meeting, there may be some discussions; the motion is then tabled. The written motion will be made available to the entire Club for review. At the next meeting the motion will be voted on and must pass a two-thirds majority vote by members present. Proxy votes will be accepted.
    2. Rule changes will only be changed at the annual organization meeting and will be valid throught the tournament year. Proposed changes must be presented in writing at least three weeks in advance for consideration during the Organizational meeting and must have a two-thirds majority vote to pass.